Month: June 2012

Vote for Wapo!

 Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good is a program where Toyota gives away 100 cars to nonprofits. Each day for 100 days, online voters will choose which of five nonprofits will take home a new set of wheels. The organization who receives the most votes at the end of the day takes home a brand new Toyota. 

Vote for Lake Wapogasset Lutheran Bible Camp on Friday, June 29 so the camp can win a Toyota Tundra! 

All voters have to do is log in to their Facebook profile and use the 100 Cars for Good app to vote on one of that day’s five nonprofit organizations. Each afternoon, the previous day’s winner is announced and a fresh batch of five finalist organizations will be ready to compete for votes.

Why Wapo needs a truck: 
We place a high priority on providing top-notch service to our guests and campers. We focus on high quality programming and stellar staff. We operate 4 sites in 2 states. Because our sites are 300 miles apart, we spend a lot of time on the road. The Toyota vehicle we could benefit most from is a Tundra. The truck would be most useful for snow removal (which of course, in Minnesota and Wisconsin means 6-7 months out of the year!). We would also use the truck for hauling heavy equipment, boats, tractors, supplies, etc. between all four sites. Our current vehicle has lost its gumption and is ready to retire. With very few discretionary funds, purchasing a new truck would take resources away from our mission and ability to provide innovative programs.
Check out the following link to learn more: 

What a week!

       We are happy to report that all Project Success groups have returned from trail and are safely home! All the groups had wonderful experiences on their trips this past week and had many stories to share. The second wave of Project Success campers had to stay an extra night at camp due to the amazing amounts of rain that prevented their bus from getting through Duluth. We were happy to host them another night and are glad that they got home safe. Guides Chelsea and Jill shared some pictures from their trips:

Chelsea’s group at Eddy Falls 

Making sandcastles at their campsite 

At the Palisades 

Face paint! 

Jill’s group at Sag Falls 

A snapping turtle outside Jill’s tent!

Swim and swamp

Clothes drying after some heavy rain! 

An update from the base

                     As the fourteen groups are out on trail, we figure it’s time to post some noteworthy updates from base. First, a fun phenology announcement – the first ripe blueberries have been spotted! Earlier in the week, one was spotted on the Janzig nature trail on Fishhook Island and some were spotted on Saganaga Lake. It’s almost a month earlier than they are expected to be ripe. Wild strawberries by the chapel also show signs of being ripe soon! 
                  Swampers are also arriving! In the last few days, we’ve had six swampers come to volunteer. Their help is much appreciated and needed!
This dragonfly was spotted by Pinecliff yesterday
Mariah has done a wonderful job maintaining the garden; 
pictured here are the rhubarb, thyme, and oregano
We decided on a Brady Bunch-styled staff pictures this year  
 Chaplain Christian put together a lovely church service this morning

The second groups and here…and they rock!

              Yesterday, the second wave of Project Success groups arrived at Wilderness! Staff is getting into the routine of arrivals, and orientations are going smoother and smoother. We are so excited for all the groups on trail, but it is a little strange for base to be so quiet. Today, two groups started their adventures by going rock climbing. It was very fun to see some campers try climbing for the first time. And what beautiful day it was to climb! Unlike yesterday’s rain, today was warm and beautiful, so we hope all groups are soaking up the sun today on trail. 
Thanks to the warm weather, everyone had a chance to climb today
Climbing as the rest of the group encourages from below
Adult advisers rock climb, too! 
Climbing was a great way to start the 5-night trip 
Almost at the top 
Sam, our master rock tech 
The view from the top! 
We also had some sweet dragonfly and butterfly sightings caught on camera
Hanging out on the truck tire 
Spotted on the rock climbing equipment 

And they’re off!

          The first campers of the year arrived yesterday! Seven
Project Success groups set out this morning on their respective
trips. It was so great to have a bustling camp again. After arriving yesterday,
the groups did a “swim and swamp” orientation where they learned
about the parts of the paddle and the canoe, and learned what to do if a canoe
swamps. They learned how to stay safe and healthy at camp and on
trail, learned about the plants and animals they might see while in the
BWCA, and, of course, ate some delicious pizza made by the fabulous Wilderness
kitchen staff. This morning, each guide demonstrated how to portage and
paddle, and after breakfast, the groups set off on their 5 night trips throughout the
Boundary Waters. We pray they will have safe and exciting trips. We can’t wait
to hear the stories they will tell us on Tuesday. Now we are awaiting
the arrival of the second wave of Project Success groups. It will be another
busy and exciting day.
All-group health and safety orientation
Nature orientation with Will in the Nature Nest
Whitney’s group ready to go on trail
Adam’s group about to set off
Zach’s group learning how to paddle
Chelsea’s group learning how to do a three-person lift
Hillary, Rachel, and Mel were on Canoe Beach to bid the groups farewell

Staff Trip – 2012

Wilderness Canoe Base sent out three staff trips this
year.  The trip dates were from June 5th
to June 9th.  The weather was beautiful
(surprising for early June) and the mosquitoes and black flies were buzzing
(not so surprising).  Staff returned from
their four night trips with plenty of stories to share, sun burns to tend to,
and bug bites that kept them scratching.     
Staff trip is a great way to conclude our few weeks of
training.  These five days on trail help
staff to deepen friendships with one another, hone their camping skills, and
strengthen those paddling and portaging muscles.  Staff also return from this trip feeling
energized and enthusiastic about the coming summer.  Most importantly, staff members return with
an even deeper love for the Boundary Waters than when they left.  It is safe to say that many people work at
Wilderness Canoe Base because of their desire to share the BWCAW with
others.  We have an incredible
opportunity to bring a wide variety of people into God’s amazing creation.  
Paul, Signe, Jill, Jordyn, & Sam
Started out the trip with Alpine Highway and stayed on Gabby
lake.  They then paddled to Tuscarora for night two and spent
nights three and four on Long Island.  They finished their trip
with a pick up on Ham Lake.  

Adam, Sonja, Rory, Mariah, Graham, & Whitney
Started in the Sag Channel and paddled around American point
and spent night one on Hanson.  Then traveled through
Kekekabic and stayed on Wisini.  Next paddled through the
Primitive Maintenance area and stayed on Little Sag.  They
ended their trip traveling through Paulson Lake and back
to Seagull Lake.

Chelsea, Zach, Greg, Maren, Rachel, & Hillary
Started off with Paulson Portage and spent night one on
Tuscarora Lake.  Nights two and three were spent enjoying
Cherokee Lake.  Then traveled along the Frost River and
spent their last night on Little Sag.
The last few days have been full of last minute cleaning,
trail maintenance, route planning, and packing. 
The first wave of campers will be arriving tomorrow afternoon!  The first groups of campers are coming to
Wilderness Canoe Base with an organization called Project Success.  Every year, Project Success brings middle
school students from the Minneapolis & St. Paul public school system.  We are looking forward to our first campers
of the season.