Yesterday, the second wave of Project Success groups arrived at Wilderness! Staff is getting into the routine of arrivals, and orientations are going smoother and smoother. We are so excited for all the groups on trail, but it is a little strange for base to be so quiet. Today, two groups started their adventures by going rock climbing. It was very fun to see some campers try climbing for the first time. And what beautiful day it was to climb! Unlike yesterday’s rain, today was warm and beautiful, so we hope all groups are soaking up the sun today on trail. 
Thanks to the warm weather, everyone had a chance to climb today
Climbing as the rest of the group encourages from below
Adult advisers rock climb, too! 
Climbing was a great way to start the 5-night trip 
Almost at the top 
Sam, our master rock tech 
The view from the top! 
We also had some sweet dragonfly and butterfly sightings caught on camera
Hanging out on the truck tire 
Spotted on the rock climbing equipment