As the fourteen groups are out on trail, we figure it’s time to post some noteworthy updates from base. First, a fun phenology announcement – the first ripe blueberries have been spotted! Earlier in the week, one was spotted on the Janzig nature trail on Fishhook Island and some were spotted on Saganaga Lake. It’s almost a month earlier than they are expected to be ripe. Wild strawberries by the chapel also show signs of being ripe soon! 
                  Swampers are also arriving! In the last few days, we’ve had six swampers come to volunteer. Their help is much appreciated and needed!
This dragonfly was spotted by Pinecliff yesterday
Mariah has done a wonderful job maintaining the garden; 
pictured here are the rhubarb, thyme, and oregano
We decided on a Brady Bunch-styled staff pictures this year  
 Chaplain Christian put together a lovely church service this morning