Month: July 2012

Wilderness Olympics 2012

In honor of the London Olympic games, WCB staff have officially started Staff Olympics 2012!
Last night we celebrated the Opening Ceremonies through an elaborate passing of the torch. The torch began in the Cove where it was then paddled across to Staff Side, walked from Staff Side to Main Dock, swam from Main Dock to Canoe Beach, walked from Canoe Beach across the bridge to Chapel Dock, and then paddled in a North canoe from Chapel Dock to the Sauna where it was used to ceremonially light the sauna.

Each staff member has also been assigned a country that they will represent throughout the Olympics, and will receive points every time their country earns a medal. There will also be some staff competitions coming soon!

Whitney (who swam the torch from Main Dock to Canoe Beach)
passes the torch to Greg 
Greg passes across the bridge as he walks the torch from Canoe Beach to Chapel Dock
(Kristin serenaded the whole event from the bridge by playing the Olympic theme on her viola)  

Christian and Lindsay pass on the torch

The torch was paddled in the North canoe to the Sauna  

Lindsay with the torch at the Sauna 
Watching the torch passing ceremony from Canoe Beach

Staff Interviews: Jordyn Sjoberg

Name: Jordyn Sjoberg 
Age: 21
Hometown: Wausau, WI 
School: University of Wisconsin La Crosse  
Job: Guide  
What has been the most rewarding part of your summer so far? 
Seeing campers grow when I take them out on trips and getting to know the other staff members. 
What has been something unexpected about being a guide that you have encountered this summer?
The amount of work it takes to be a leader and all the unexpected challenges that campers bring with them. 
What is your favorite memory from the summer so far?
Staff trip! It was so fun to get to know the other people on my trip and be out on trail for the first time. 
What are you most proud of this summer?
Knowing that I can lead a group into the wilderness safely and successfully.  
What makes Wilderness so special?
The staff who work here…and the lack of showering. 
What is your favorite BWCAW lake?
Grandpa Lake
Who is someone you would consider a role model?
Swamper Kate Kinkade – she is so wonderful and funny and nice to everyone.
Describe your perfect meal:
I don’t care as long as I can drink coffee.  

Staff 2012 Interviews: Rory Anderson

This summer we are blogging a series of interviews with the 2012 WCB staff! Today our lucky staff member is Rory Anderson! 

Name: Rory Anderson
Age: 18
Hometown: Morris, MN 
School: St. Olaf 
Job: Waterfront, Blockhouse, and Housekeeping Coordinator 
What is the best part about your job?
My favorite part is giving swim and swamp orientations because I love meeting all the campers and telling bad jokes to distract them while they tread water. 
What has been your favorite memory from this summer?
I loved my staff trip with the best guide ever, Whitney Vogel, and being a guide for a week for my all-boy work crew from Peace Lutheran. 
What is the most rewarding aspect about working at Wilderness?
Getting to work alongside so many new friends in the beauty of the wilderness.
What makes Wilderness so special?
Emma Harness. 

What is your favorite lake in the BWCAW?
Wisini Lake 
What are you currently reading?

On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

Dream occupation?
Emergency room surgeon… or being Indiana Jones. 

Favorite quote?

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein 

Gunflint Canoe Races!

On Wednesday night, Wilderness staff traveled to Gunflint Lodge for the annual canoe races. WCB was well represented, both in the contests and in the potluck – we brought the beans! The races provided a wonderful opportunity to meet employees from other outfitters along the trail. With many first place medals, the staff returned to Fishhook full of pride.

The crew with their medals 

Graham, Sam, and Hillary ready to race

Sonja and Hillary prepare for the solo paddling race

Simons siblings! 

Watching the races 
Check out some other pictures of our staff from the races HERE 

An update from Christian…

                Jump for joy everybody… THE BLUEBERRIES ARE RIPE!! Although they’ve arrived a little early this year, it is exciting to see that both Fishhook and Dominion Islands are bursting with wonderfully delicious wild blueberries and raspberries. The arrival of these tasty little treats is also a fun reminder that we have a lot of summer left. As we reflect on all of the groups that we’ve sent out on trail or hosted in base, we also look forward with great anticipation to the groups we have yet to serve this summer. For the next three weeks we have a group either arriving or departing nearly everyday! We have a lot of canoe groups out in the BWCA right now: Living Lord from Lake St. Louis, MO has a group on trail with John. Mount Olive from Rochester, MN has 3 groups on trail with Jordyn, Adam, and Jill & Kristin (these groups also spent a day in base doing incredible work projects)! Community Presbyterian from Fargo, ND has a group on trail with Whitney and Emily. Gethsemane from Hopkins, MN has a group on trail with Hillary. Our Savior’s from Stillwater, MN has a group on trail with Steve. We also have a large group from Peace Lutheran in Waunakee, WI working with Sonja, Rory, and Paul. They have blessed us by being on base this week and doing work projects, worshiping, fishing, swimming, paddling, and generally livening things up here. Please keep all of our groups and the ministry of WCB in your prayers as we continue with this amazing summer!
Adam’s group from Mount Olive in Rochester, MN 
worked on maintaining our Janzig nature trail
Peace Lutheran from Waunakee, WI filled our camp with much excitement this past week 
as they completed all sorts of work projects  
Adam’s group helped stain Pinecliff 
Peace Lutheran helped haul gravel from Dominion to Fishhook Island 
Josh and Maren made a fence for our garden 

Jill’s group from Mount Olive made a labyrinth for meditation on Dominion
Hillary’s group from Gethsemane Lutheran in Hopkins went on trail this past week
Sonja’s Peace Lutheran group worked on making an orienteering course on Dominion