Name: Jordyn Sjoberg 
Age: 21
Hometown: Wausau, WI 
School: University of Wisconsin La Crosse  
Job: Guide  
What has been the most rewarding part of your summer so far? 
Seeing campers grow when I take them out on trips and getting to know the other staff members. 
What has been something unexpected about being a guide that you have encountered this summer?
The amount of work it takes to be a leader and all the unexpected challenges that campers bring with them. 
What is your favorite memory from the summer so far?
Staff trip! It was so fun to get to know the other people on my trip and be out on trail for the first time. 
What are you most proud of this summer?
Knowing that I can lead a group into the wilderness safely and successfully.  
What makes Wilderness so special?
The staff who work hereā€¦and the lack of showering. 
What is your favorite BWCAW lake?
Grandpa Lake
Who is someone you would consider a role model?
Swamper Kate Kinkade – she is so wonderful and funny and nice to everyone.
Describe your perfect meal:
I don’t care as long as I can drink coffee.