In honor of the London Olympic games, WCB staff have officially started Staff Olympics 2012!
Last night we celebrated the Opening Ceremonies through an elaborate passing of the torch. The torch began in the Cove where it was then paddled across to Staff Side, walked from Staff Side to Main Dock, swam from Main Dock to Canoe Beach, walked from Canoe Beach across the bridge to Chapel Dock, and then paddled in a North canoe from Chapel Dock to the Sauna where it was used to ceremonially light the sauna.

Each staff member has also been assigned a country that they will represent throughout the Olympics, and will receive points every time their country earns a medal. There will also be some staff competitions coming soon!

Whitney (who swam the torch from Main Dock to Canoe Beach)
passes the torch to Greg 
Greg passes across the bridge as he walks the torch from Canoe Beach to Chapel Dock
(Kristin serenaded the whole event from the bridge by playing the Olympic theme on her viola)  

Christian and Lindsay pass on the torch

The torch was paddled in the North canoe to the Sauna  

Lindsay with the torch at the Sauna 
Watching the torch passing ceremony from Canoe Beach