This year’s Nominations group completed a six night trip along the Border Route, ending with the 8.5 mile Grand Portage into Lake Superior. This is a route that the Voyageurs traveled to deliver beaver pelts to the trading post at Grand Portage. They saw some beautiful lakes and awesome landforms and landmarks including Stairway Portage, Height of Land Portage, the Pigeon River, Partridge Falls, Fort Charlotte and, of course, Grand Portage – both the portage and the heritage center. Here are some pictures from their fabulous trip:  
At Fort Charlotte (last day of the trip); about to begin the 8.5 mile trek 

A view of Rose Lake 

Rose/Stairway Portage Falls 
Mountain Lake 
Partridge Falls 
Upon their return to camp, the group made a catamaran 
with the cot they found while on trail