The final days of our WCB summer are here. Though we’re sad to see it end, we are very proud of all that has been accomplished this summer. With the help of great work crews, we have completed some awesome work projects: an orienteering course and labyrinth on Dominion, a life-size moose for the moose viewing platform, a mural for Stillwater cabin, a new Staff Side dock, fire pit, wood shed, canoe and paddle rack, and sledding hill. We have had a lot of fabulous canoe trips, island camp groups, and many, many guests. We are delighted to have had another summer committed to nurturing Christ-centered identity through wilderness experience and we are looking forward to another great summer next year.  
Faith Waconia paddles the Montreal canoe 

Life-size moose built for the moose-viewing platform by Luther Memorial  

Homemade map jewelry is now for sale at the Blockhouse
Jill’s group tries a 9-person lift

The labyrinth and orienteering course are complete!

Peace Lutheran helped create the Peaceline Orienteering 
Course on Dominion Island  

The Labyrinth was created with the help of a work crew from Mount Olive;
it now has a new bench at its center for quiet meditation 
The numbered rocks along the Labyrinth indicate places to stop and 
reflect on a specific Bible verse  

A beautiful bench made by former guide Nate Shulstad sits 
along the Orienteering course 

Another bench made by Nate sits next to the new Staff Side 
fire pit and woodshed  

The sledding hill on Staff Side created by Immanuel Lutheran 
The new Staff Side dock