On Friday, as a part of the process of building the new medical center on the site where Beavertail once stood, the wonderful staff of Wilderness Canoe Base hauled concrete across Fishhook Island. 60 pounds at a time, we collectively carried 9,000 pounds of concrete mix with only 17 staff members on hand. As the Director of Health and Safety, I appreciate everyone’s efforts, as our current medical building, Cradle Knoll, was built to be temporary. With everyone’s help, all 150 bags of concrete made it from the Cove, up Pinecliff hill, and over to Beavertail. The concrete will be poured over the weekend and construction on the new medical center can begin. 
-Rory Anderson, Director of Health and Safety
The site of the new med center. 

Maren, Will, and Emma 

Michaela and Dylan




Sam and Josh cooling off after hauling 4.5 tons of concrete!