This summers Nominations trip was a great success!  The campers channeled their inner voyageurs and paddled along the border route all the way to The Grand Portage.  The Grand Portage is an 8.5 mile portage that exists to portage around the Cascade Falls.  The French Voyageurs would also take this portage on their route during the fur trade.  It was a trip full of many challenges, but the group was able to take everything in stride as they made their way through the far north land.  Some highlights included walking through rapids, swimming on beautiful lakes, viewing waterfalls and other breathtaking scenery, meeting Canadian friends along the way and finally completing The Grand Portage!  It was the trip of a lifetime!

-Jordyn Sjoberg, Canoe Guide

 Walking canoes up rapids.  A new spin on portaging!

The group before completing the Height of the Land Portage.  Historically this is where Voyageur men would become anointed as “true Voyageurs.”  It is quite an honor to walk along the same portage as the Voyageurs did years ago.  

Spencer and I anointing campers after the portage.  We had a reading and then splashed them with a cedar sprig dipped in water.  

Beautiful morning on Rose Lake.

The start of The Grand Portage.  Nothing like an 8.5 mile hike to start off the day!

At the end of our trip before taking the group home.  What a journey we had together!