Nature Is Wise. Michaela Rice, Naturalist, WCB

        “If you knew Wilderness in the way that you knew love, you would be unwilling to let it go.”

I awoke with a tender feeling in my heart; it was a new day. A tender feeling in the way that tenderness feels when a mother kisses her child, when a mother moose licks her calf’s neck. The tenderness I felt was from the fact that God had given me, all of us, today to enjoy what he had created us; Mother Earth. As I crawled out of my warm sleeping bag and trudged outside, the sun gleamed through the clouds kissing the new Quaking Aspen and Paper Birch and other plants in all directions I could see. This was an act of thanksgiving and love from God, as if commending the flora for growing and giving them energy for the day to come. My feet scraped the rocks along the path, startling grasshoppers and to my surprise, a mother White-throated sparrow. Her wings fluttered with fright as she erupted from the grass next to the path into the safety of the Black Spruce to my right. Life was all around me. Red, luscious raspberries hung with might from the tips of the spiny plants tethered into the shallow soil with little,white roots, bearing the plants weight against the force of the sparkling, morning wind. A five minute walk to First Word exposed so many gleaming berries, and leaves that were waking up to the warm sun, just like I was. Unlike me, they had been bathed by the refreshing dew that was now dropping down from the tall trees and short bushes alike. I could feel the grass stretching in the wind, it probably had a stiff nights sleep like I had. All of the plants’s stomata were breathing slowly, “no rush up” here the plants and birds always whisper to us. But being the busy bees we are, we tend not to listen. 
The world is quiet if you let it, but also unbearingly loud if you let it. The voices inside our heads scream at us to be productive, to be happy, to please others. The forest floor is littered with competition and death, but in little ways that makes the forest beautiful. The plants and the animals work together to find their niches, they bond, they grow; they grow together. Only if we could do that as well as they do… Our lives would be so much easier. We depend on ourselves instead of others to give us things that we need. If a tree tried to live alone, purely alone- it could not do it. If the birds, and the insects tried to do the same; nothing would work. They need each other, and so do we. They take their time, and enjoy each breath of life for it sustains them, and so should we.
Enjoy the nature around you. It is beautiful and all knowing. It loves one another, as we should love it back. 

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  1. Nature is indeed wise, but we need others to help us understand and learn. Thank you, Michaela, for sharing your knowledge of God's wilderness and helping us all to understand things a little better.

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