A few days ago, I was working the lunch shift and I found myself rushing around the kitchen. I hurried
outside to the walk-in refrigerator to get a half-gallon of milk for a few loaves of prairie brown bread I was making for dinner. Covered in flour, I was
met outside the kitchen door by Maggie, the resident blue tick coonhound at WCB
this summer, who was lazily sprawled on a warm, smooth patch of rock, sleeping happily
and quietly in the sun. I sat down next to her and petted her for awhile, listening to the bugs and the wind and the sound of voices coming from the
pontoon. After an entire day of rushing to make food for other people, I did
something for myself – I let myself be still. The bread would still be there
when I came back.
In the rush of staff
training, a joyful (yet busy) week brimming with endless discussions about how
to splint an arm, remedy homesickness, and care for others, don’t forget about
yourself. You are precious and rare and complex, and we need to learn how to
love and respect ourselves in the same way we love and respect this place – are
you not just as deserving of love as any camper, any tree, any baby moose that you find here?
Yesterday, we all
sat in the Pinecliff living room and talked about mental health and care for
the new people we meet this summer; today, I invite you to try factoring
yourself into yesterday’s discussion. Give yourself encouragement, respect, and
– perhaps most importantly – time for rest.
So rest. Retreat. Find
joy in sun-soaked dogs, cold lake water, and late-night discussions of Mulan songs
in the kitchen as Sunday’s cinnamon rolls rise in the oven.
Sunday is the
Sabbath day, a God-prescribed of rest. Be where you are. Stay still and listen.
Sleep deeply, walk slowly, be mindful and present. Ask for what you need. Fold
your tents, do what you have to do, but remember to breathe. Take time to rest!
Take a nap. Take a hike. Go find a turtle.
With love, Kate Kinkade
Maggie on the pontoon

Bill helping in the kitchen