Hello and Happy Summer! 

Things are starting to come together here at Wilderness Canoe Base as we near the end of staff training! The camper season approaches and we have been busy preparing the islands for all the groups who will venture up the Gunflint the summer! Cleaning and packing gear, First Aid and Wilderness Water Safety Training, perfecting paddling and portaging techniques, and the countless other tasks for prepping the base for our first groups next week. The past two weeks have been a wild mix of preparation and excitement for the weeks to come. 
As a returning canoe guide, I had long been looking forward to returning to Wilderness this summer. I made the long drive north while thinking about great trip memories and friendly faces. I was beyond excited to live another summer as a canoe guide. Since arriving here, another theme has resonated throughout the days: gratitude. Words can barely express how thankful I am to live another season in this place and share the BWCAW with a new group of people every week. Every day I am struck by little moments of beauty. I am so humbled by where I find myself every morning: walking a bridge over clear waters, among cedars, toward an open air chapel, where I sit and listen to the Word of God — living in a community of my peers, all committed to their faith, cherishing the beautiful space where we live, and serving others.
I decided to wander the islands the other night during a clear, sunny evening, and soak in the scenes of Fishhook and Dominion. The blooming lady slippers, young tamaracks, the breeze felt while watching the sunset from atop Dominion, the foundations of Morningside, and many more. My camera and I spent some quality hours capturing scenes that I hope will bring some happiness or good memories or hopeful anticipation for a visit this summer!
Peace to you,
Kennedy Reed