The 10-hour drive to camp from my hometown began with familiarity as my dad and I drove on roads and passed landmarks we recognized. Only once we were through Duluth did I begin to feel like a stranger in a new land.
Wisconsin to Minnesota – not too different, right? They’re neighbors! Farther and farther north we drove, without the destination appearing to inch any nearer on our cell phone’s GPS. I began to feel very, very small. We had only driven between two states in one of the world’s largest countries that takes up only a fraction of the globe- and THAT trek felt huge.
Having spent a few days at WCB now, I have done many new things and seen even more beautiful sights than I could count, but the one thing I have certainly gained is perspective. It’s been incredibly humbling to sit on enormous rocks that have been in their spots since before humans, or to stare up at the vast night sky and imagine all the possibilities of eyeballs that have seen the same sky- voyageurs, explorers, cartographers, or a gentle moose.
The vastness of God’s creation should never be belittled. Being here for the first time has allowed me to look at the little red squirrels in the woods with the same understanding and compassion as I would look at my own sister. Because in the family of God, every creature, tree, and drop of water are brothers and sisters in Christ.


Haley Winckler, Swamper, July 2015