Prayers of the People – July 16

Awe-inspiring Creator, thank you for this community here at Wilderness Canoe Base.  We pray for the health and joy of all who share in this space.  We also ask for your guidance as we navigate our community’s imperfections, constantly transforming into something more reflective of you.  Lord in your Mercy, Hear our Prayer.

Cultivator of curiosity, we thank you for the young people who enter this place to paddle and portage.  We thank you for their questions, such as ‘Can owls swim?’ or ‘How does that tree grow sideways out of a cliff?’ or ‘What if we had jet packs on portages?’  We thank you for their minds and we pray that the world can respect their curiosity rather than condemn it.  Lord in your Mercy, Hear our Prayer.

God of warmth and hospitality, we pray for the health, safety and dignity of our elders.  Our mentors, our parents and grandparents by blood or by choice, our role models, our community leaders – all of whom constantly look after our needs.  We pray that the world is receptive to their wisdom.  Lord in your Mercy, Hear our Prayer.

Gardener of abundance, we also thank you for our elders in our greater creation family.  While we humans recklessly stumble around like toddlers in pursuit of more,
we thank you for the trees.  They are content to plant roots with their neighbors, enjoy the rain and sunlight, create food and medicine and oxygen, and then freely give it away.  May we learn from our elders and care for them in return.  Lord in your Mercy, Hear our Prayer.

Lover of all, we pray for the whole word.  We pray for the humility to admit when we are wrong, the courage to speak about injustice, and the collective motivation to act.  May we recognize how we are complicit in mass consumption, poverty, systemic racism and other forms of oppression, and may we strive for reconciliation so that we can be aligned to how you intended creation to be.  May we transform and be transformed.  Lord in your Mercy, Hear our Prayer.

God, we lift these prayers up to you, knowing we need you and each other.  May we be the change we wish to see in the world.  Give us the courage to trust you in every step.  Amen.

-Written By Emily Kimball Guide ’17

-Pictures By Nicholas Nicome Camper ’13-’16, Swamper ’17