Over the summer season, Wilderness Canoe Base is blessed with all sorts of love and support:  from prayers, to words of affirmation and positive thoughts being sent our way, to generous donations of time and talents and money.  We are always amazed and inspired by the ways in which the broader Wilderness Canoe Base community joins together to help ensure that this ministry continues to run smoothly every year.  In so many ways, it is because of the generosity of people’s time and resources that our staff is able to provide incredible weeks in and around the Boundary Waters for kids of all ages.

Throughout the year, we always have people ask about what other types of items we may need at camp in order to do even better ministry up here.  And so, we decided to put together a list and add it to our blog in case anyone was curious about what type of in-kind donations we are in need of.

In this list, you’ll find things ranging from small (ear protection buds) to big (boats, trailers and snowmobiles), and everything in between.  We obviously know that some of these are much more realistic than others for people to have and be able to donate, but also know that this network reaches far and wide, and wonder if there is indeed someone who has a snowmobile that they are looking to pass along.

Thank you for the support that each of you shares with Wilderness Canoe Base.  Again, we fully believe in the phrase ‘it takes a village,’ and are grateful for the ways in which the Wilderness Canoe Base village loves and cares for this place each and every day.